Sportauto – Herman Brood stijl – ChatGPT prompt

opdracht; Kan je in het engels een prompt maken voor de ai image generator waarop je een schilderij van een sportwagen ziet, een en ander volledig in de schilderstijl van Herman Brood

Reactie ChatGPT;
Generate an evocative painting of a sleek and dynamic sports car infused with the vibrant and expressive artistic style of Herman Brood. Capture the essence of Brood’s energetic brushstrokes, bold use of color, and spontaneous creativity. Emphasize the dynamic lines and curves of the sports car, allowing the painting to exude the sense of speed and excitement that characterizes both the automobile and Brood’s distinctive artistic approach. Consider incorporating Brood’s signature techniques, such as vibrant splashes of color, energetic lines, and a sense of controlled chaos. The goal is to seamlessly blend the mechanical beauty of a sports car with the free-spirited and expressive aesthetic of Herman Brood’s art

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