Hond en kat – zwart-wit tekening – ChatGPT prompt

kan je in het engels een prompt voor de ai image generator schrijven voor een zwart-wit tekening van een spelende hond en kat die elkaar overduidelijk leuk vinden

ChatGPT prompt:
Generate a captivating black and white drawing depicting the playful interaction between an affectionate dog and cat, clearly enjoying each other’s company. Emphasize the joy and camaraderie in their expressions as they engage in delightful activities together. Convey a strong sense of friendship and connection through their body language and facial expressions, ensuring that the essence of their bond is beautifully captured. Utilize the monochromatic palette to create a timeless and expressive portrayal, highlighting the dynamics of their relationship. The setting should enhance the positive atmosphere, providing context to their playful interaction. The goal is to evoke a heartwarming and visually compelling representation of the genuine affection shared between these two endearing companions

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