Ferrari in Flinstone stijl- ChatGPT prompt

opdracht; kan je in het engels een prompt voor de ai image generator schrijven waarmee de ai image generator mij een ferrari laat zien hoe hij er in de tijd van de flinstones uitgezien zou hebben. Volledig in flinstone stijl dus

Generate an image that reimagines a Ferrari in the distinctive style of the Flintstones. Envision how this luxury sports car would have looked if it existed during the prehistoric era, complete with stone-age materials and whimsical, primitive features. Incorporate elements such as a stone chassis, wooden wheels, and perhaps even a foot-powered mechanism reminiscent of the iconic Flintstone’s vehicles. Infuse the design with the playful and humorous essence of the Flintstones universe, ensuring that the Ferrari retains recognizable characteristics while seamlessly blending into the prehistoric setting. The goal is to create a visually engaging and amusing depiction of a Ferrari as if it were a part of the Flintstones’ world, showcasing a creative fusion of modern luxury and Stone Age charm.

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